"Treat every customer like your best friend."


David Duma, former Marine and now the owner of Gideon's Brewery has reopened Gideon's with a new look and location in the heart of the city. Gideon's first started in an industrial shop, located in Lincoln ND. Since the day of opening, Gideon's has experienced several changes and redesigns to provide its guests the most enjoyable experience while sipping on a nice cold craft beer. This required transitioning from the plastic conical fermenter tanks to temperature controlled stainless steel fermenters. These new tanks also provide a more consistent tasting beer because the fermentation process is more controlled. With upgrading to bigger and better fermenters, David expanded the whole brewery and changed locations. On November 1st 2019, Gideons transferred their location to downtown Bismarck, ND. Immediately after opening, the Gideon's brewing team started experimenting with new flavors and brewed small test batches to expand their line. Within months Gideon's has brewed over 100 different beer styles and flavors such as sour ales and hard seltzers. This same energy and hardwork is still at work today by having sixteen flavors of beer always on tap. Anytime you come and visit us, Gideon's will provide you with something new.



Gideon was a tribal leader about 1080 B.C. who led a group of 300 men against the enormous Midianite army. Gideon and his men carried only trumpets and lit torch lamps inside water pitchers, to conceal the light. Gideon and his 300 men surrounded the camp in the night, broke the pitchers to shine the light, yelled a battle cry and blew the trumpets. This created a frenzy and panic which led to the defeat the Midianites. It just goes to show that it doesn't always take the bigger army to win just like it doesn't take a large brewery to make great beer! Cheers